5 Lesser-Known Labor Day Adventures in the Parks

August 24, 2020

PHOENIX — Arizona’s sprawling deserts, watering holes, and trails are full of hidden gems and little-known finds perfect for exploring over a long weekend! Cultural souvenirs from centuries past, exciting adventures on trails less traveled, and campgrounds off the beaten path are just a few marvels waiting for you in Arizona’s state parks!Petroglyphs in rocks along the trail at Lyman Lake State Park.

  1. Petroglyphs at Lyman Lake State Park: The Petroglyph (“rock art”) Trail winds around the massive lake and up into the rocky foothills of the White Mountains. Crevices and archaeological wonders stand in these foothills, and the rock faces show messages from past inhabitants of the area!
  2. Camping at Homolovi State Park: This corner of Winslow, Arizona transports you farther back than The Eagles did—archaeological sites dating back to hundreds of years share the desert with campgrounds on the edge of the Little Colorado River! Homolovi State Park is a little-known getaway in northeast Ariz. sure to surprise you.
  3. Fishing at Roper Lake State Park: Roper Lake, and its adjacent counterpart Dankworth Pond, are largemouth bass hotspots this summer! Whether you and the family are angling pros or you’re taking the kids out for their first hook, this lake is a gem sure to provide some instant gratification!
  4. Wildlife Watching at Oracle State Park: Oracle State Park’s 4,000 acres are a refuge for wildlife like javelina, skunks, deer, and an array of diverse bird species. Hike the Birding Trails and keep your eyes peeled, and don’t forget to stop at the wildlife viewing area behind the watering hole!
  5. Boat-In Campsites on the Colorado River: Cattail Cove State Park is a slice of paradise downriver from Lake Havasu State Park, and a quieter spot to avoid the crowds. Grab a spot on the shore and launch your boat from your campsite! When you get back, relax with a cold drink on the white sand beach.

No matter what adventure you choose, set out with a plan and plenty of water! Whether at higher altitudes or in the desert, the heat of the sun sticks around, so stay hydrated and be prepared. Remember, masks are required inside all state park buildings.

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