Enjoy Fall Colors in Arizona’s State Parks!

October 19, 2020

PHOENIX — It’s the best time of year to be in Arizona! Cool weather, pumpkin pastries, perfect hiking temperatures and, of Yellow and orange leaves on the trees at Red Rock State Parkcourse, changing leaves! Let Arizona State Parks and Trails show you the best spots to check out the yellows, oranges, and reds of nature this fall!


Take a tour of north central Arizona—it cools down quicker than the cities and in turn paints the landscape earlier, too! Start just outside Phoenix at Dead Horse Ranch State Park, where foggy mornings on the lagoon accent golden leaves on cottonwoods and other deciduous trees. Explore the riparian areas along the Verde River, where branches full of color reach across the water to shade the bank, a fall wonderland you won’t soon forget! Stay overnight in a cabin or campsite and watch the sun rise over the water, reflecting the beautiful colors and showcasing the adventures the park holds.


From there, make your way to Sedona. This red rock town isn’t short on gorgeous views, so stop at Red Rock State Park for a hike up to Eagle’s Nest! Make your way through the banks of Oak Creek and its diversity of plant life in every color, and follow it up to the overlook where you’ll see colors changing across the Sedona area backdropped against the stunning rock formations.


Stay in Sedona and head a little farther north to Slide Rock State Park. A classic summer destination, this park is often overlooked for its awesome fall flavor. From changing trees to the apple harvest, Slide Rock has a little fall spice for everyone.


For spectacular views of the Verde Valley, stop at Jerome State Historic Park before heading up the hill. This mining museum is a treasure trove of artifacts from a time when Jerome was a bustling hub of activity and the mansion served as a hotel and family home.


Pick a destination or find your own adventure and head out on the road for a weekend in autumnal paradise!



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