Star Parties at Homolovi State Park

October 1, 2018

PHOENIX – Homolovi State Park offers visitors a great opportunity to see the night sky in this amHomolovi State Parkazing northern Arizona park! The brand-new Winslow Homolovi Observatory is ready to showcase the incredible skies overhead!

Star party attendees have the chance to stargaze and enjoy the amazing night sky alongside expert astronomers. Visitors can also use professional telescope equipment to gain the best view of the stars overhead! Homolovi State Park hosts two star parties in the next month – two incredible opportunities to take in the dazzling views.

Spend time with expert astronomers to learn more about the cosmos and take in the incredible views from around the Sonoran Desert. Star parties give visitors an unforgettable experience, with professional telescopes to ensure visitors see of the most incredible sights of the night sky.

WHAT:  Star Parties

WHERE: Homolovi State Park

WHEN: October 6 and November 3, 2018, at sunset

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